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Identity theft is America’s fastest growing crime, where one new identity is stolen every two seconds. And unfortunately, identity crimes today go well beyond simple credit fraud. Fraudsters are now using personal information to gain access to tax refunds, medical care and coverage, passport and driver's license numbers, even online accounts and social media sites . . . the list goes on. Protect your family today with InfoArmor's industry-leading PrivacyArmor benefit, to catch more identity fraud sooner.

InfoArmor's industry-leading technology detects fraud at the source (when thieves first use your information to apply for accounts) to catch misuse sooner and minimize damages. By scanning data from wireless accounts, automobile and mortgage loans, High Risk Transactions (such as unauthorized account access, fund transfers and password resets) and more, your PrivacyArmor benefit can detect fraud before major damage is done.

Included is a monthly credit score, an annual credit report, and continuous credit monitoring to protect your identity and finances from fraud. Activate through your online account at to access this feature.

Social Media Reputation Monitoring to monitor your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram profile to give actionable alerts of reputational damage including racist, violent, derogatory, vulgar, or inappropriate comments. Let us keep tabs on your digital footprint so you don’t have to.

If you do become a victim of fraud, InfoArmor has specially trained experts to take the burden of identity restoration off your shoulders. This includes making a claim under our $1,000,000 identity theft insurance policy to protect against associated costs, legal defense expenses, lost wages and more. In addition, your PrivacyArmor benefit includes free tools such as WalletArmor, CreditArmor - an annual credit report, a monthly credit score tracker, and credit monitoring, Digital Identity Report, IdentityMD, solicitation reduction programs, internet surveillance, email and password monitoring, high risk transaction monitoring, and more!

Enroll today to protect you and your family from the devastation - as well as lost time and money - that results from identity theft. Once your benefit is active, you will receive status updates and may login to your account at any time. Download our free PrivacyArmor smart phone app, too!

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InfoArmor offers many benefit features through its Identity Monitoring and Protection Services. Here are a few of those benefits:

Identity Monitoring
InfoArmor uncovers identity fraud at the source to detect more fraud, sooner, including unauthorized account access, fund transfers, and password resets. InfoArmor is also monitoring billions of data elements on a daily basis, from sources such as:

  • High Risk Transactions such as online password resets, suspicious fund transfers and unauthorized account access.
  • Compromised credential monitoring including email addresses
  • New credit cards
  • Wireless carrier applications
  • Retail credit card accounts
  • Automobile loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Payday loans
  • Utility accounts

PrivacyArmor can identify anomalies indicative of fraudulent activity sooner than credit monitoring programs, because this identity monitoring program searches for fraud at the point of new account application/creation (vs. after a new account has already been approved).

Social Media Reputation Monitoring
Research also shows that social media users are twice as likely to become victims of identity theft as non-users because of the ease of access thieves have to personal information. InfoArmor’s Social Media Reputation Monitoring solution monitors your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram profiles to provide actionable alerts of reputational damage within content and pictures on an ongoing basis. Using state-of-the art-technology, harmful content can be removed before irreversible damage happens. By monitoring online profiles we can alert a subscriber if sensitive or damaging information is visible and how much of a threat it is to their reputation. Quick notifications minimizes reputational risk and empowers subscribers to control their digital perceptions.

Your credit profile is an important component of your identity. Included free of charge with PrivacyArmor is access to free credit monitoring, a monthly credit score and credit score tracker, and a credit report each year. InfoArmor continuously monitors your credit profile to generate alerts whenever new accounts are opened allowing you to identify issues early to minimize damages. You will also be able to see your credit report once each year and your credit score every month. This allows you to closely review your report for significant changes or anything suspicious like accounts that you didn’t open, unusually high spending, or unexplained dips in your score, all from one place.

Internet Surveillance
Internet Surveillance is a feature of PrivacyArmor that scans the Underground Internet for your personal information. InfoArmor Internet Surveillance continuously monitors the Underground Economy to uncover compromised, sensitive information. Whether it is personally identifying data or a medical insurance card number, SNAPD Internet Surveillance finds breached data and will alert in real time. InfoArmor monitors:

  • Malicious Command & Control Networks
  • Black Market Forums
  • Known Compromised Machines & Servers
  • Phishing Networks
  • Exploited Websites

Digital Identity Report
This interactive, easy-to-read report not only summarizes what a real-time, deep Internet search finds out about a subscriber, but also offers a Privacy Grade with tips to better secure their information. Digital Identity goes far beyond normal typical Internet search and showcases a subscriber’s exposure of personal information on the Internet.

  • Summarizes real-time deep Internet search results
  • Offers a Privacy Grade
  • Suggests useful tips to better secure your available personal information

This feature utilizes 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year real-time monitoring to detect activity such as compromised credit card information, fraudulent medical insurance identification, etc. This secure, online document repository also makes a lost wallet replacement and storage of important personal documents quick and easy.

Full-Service Privacy Advocate® Restoration
Our Privacy Advocates go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. From offering tips on how to prevent your identity from falling into the wrong hands, to helping you deal with a stolen wallet, to restoring your identity, to contacting credit bureaus, to completing paper work, to contacting merchants, you can count on personalized service and peace of mind. They can even help you file a claim under our $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance Policy.

Restoration is provided in house by InfoArmor Privacy Advocates. InfoArmor’s services are not outsourced and do apply to fraud issues beyond just credit fraud, including criminal, medical and other forms of identity theft.

Solicitation Reduction
InfoArmor provides important identity theft prevention measures to reduce unwanted solicitations which prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands:

  • Junk mail
  • Telemarketing calls
  • Pre-approved credit card offers

Identity Theft Insurance Policy
This $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance policy will help protect you from the financial damages of identity theft. InfoArmor spends our time and our money restoring your identity fraud issues, but for any associated costs such as legal defense expenses, or lost wages that you may experience, this policy can provide additional peace of mind. If you do become a victim of identity theft while enrolled in our service, a dedicated Privacy Advocate will help you file a claim to recover funds lost related to remediating the theft. There is no deductible for this coverage.

Start monitoring and protecting your identity.

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Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

  • How does InfoArmor protect my identity?

    By proactively monitoring for fraud, we can detect and stop fraud sooner than other solutions. Our broad coverage includes detecting fraud from sources such as wireless accounts, automobile and mortgage loans, compromised credentials, High Risk Transactions (such as unauthorized account access, fund transfers and password resets) and more, to detect fraud before major damage is done. When we detect suspicious activity using your information we will alert you and help you restore your identity and minimize damages.

  • How does InfoArmor prevent my identity from being misused?

    InfoArmor believes in proactive prevention to protect your identity from misuse. When you sign up for the service you will be presented with the option to reduce unwanted solicitations such as junk mail, telephone solicitations, and preapproved credit offers. This alone can remove the root cause of up to 20% of identity theft. This is a good start to keeping your information out of the hands of fraudsters.

    Our technology is predictive, meaning that we can detect when an identity is at an elevated risk for identity theft and take the necessary precautions. If you fall under this category, we may place fraud alerts, credit freezes and pull credit reports to prevent fraud from occurring.

    Additionally, when fraud is detected, we know about it sooner than credit monitoring services because our technology detects fraud at point of application rather than waiting for it to hit your credit report. InfoArmor can even at times catch the fraud before it becomes a problem or impacts your personal information; unlike credit monitoring companies that can only alert a subscriber after the damage has already been done. Our system provides complete protection to deter, detect and defend against identity theft.

  • How does InfoArmor compare to other services, like credit monitoring?

    InfoArmor detects many different types of identity theft, not the ones only related to credit accounts or your credit profile. InfoArmor’s identity monitoring provides a broader range of protection by monitoring for misuse of not only credit, but on a variety of data sources. Credit protection is an important component in identity protection, but it represents just a piece of one’s broader identity and personal profile. InfoArmor’s service includes (free of charge) an annual credit report, monthly credit scores and continuous monitoring.

  • How will InfoArmor reach out if there is a problem or if identity fraud is detected?

    InfoArmor’s Privacy Advocates will do everything in their power to contact you as soon as we detect an issue or suspicious activity. We will always contact you by phone when we see suspicious activity to discuss next steps. Depending on the communication preferences established in your personal online account once your benefit is active, you will also be notified by your primary communication preference (either email or text).

    If InfoArmor cannot reach you via phone or email/text, a letter will be sent to the home address you have provided, asking you to call us in regards to your identity status.

  • What should I do if my identity is stolen?

    Our Privacy Advocates will work on your behalf to restore your identity from start to case completion. Privacy Advocates are Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists (CITRMS®). They are experts in identity restoration and are committed to doing the work necessary to restore your identity for you.

    These in-house support professionals work exclusively with victims of identity theft to restore the victim’s identity to what it was before the incident. They will do the necessary work to fix your identity from start to case completion. Although each case is treated on an individual basis, some steps may include:

    • Placing fraud alerts with all three credit bureaus
    • Helping you pull free credit reports to look for any other suspicious activity
    • Utilizing a power of attorney form to work on behalf of the victim to contact creditors, notify credit agencies of fraud, and close fraudulent accounts
    • Walking the victim through any other steps including filing a police report or filling out an identity theft affidavit
  • What is covered under your Identity Theft Insurance Policy?

    InfoArmor's Identity Theft Insurance Policy protects against financial damages of identity theft such as associated costs, legal defense expenses and lost wages up to $1,000,000. For a copy of the full policy, please contact us at 1-800-789-2720.

  • Can I do the same things for free that InfoArmor does on my behalf?

    This is an important question to ask of every provider of identity theft services because many companies charge for what you could do for free, but not InfoArmor.

    Protecting your privacy by reducing unwanted solicitations is the first logical step in reducing your risk of identity theft. And every American can take this step for free, but many don't because they find the process confusing or simply don't take the time.

    When you enroll in PrivacyArmor, you automatically receive our one-stop privacy dashboard, for free. This easy to use web tool allows you to reduce junk mail, stop pre-approved credit offers and end telemarketing calls with the click of a mouse.

    PrivacyArmor provides complete identity theft protection at an affordable price. We create your SNAPD identity blueprint to search for misuse and fraud. This is not something that you can do on your own. In addition, we also include complete personalized remediation services and a $1,000,000 identity fraud reimbursement policy.

  • Is it safe to give InfoArmor my information?

    Data protection and security are fundamental to InfoArmor's business and success. As a result, we adhere to a comprehensive information security policy that applies to all employees, consultants, contractors and vendors that interact with InfoArmor and its information assets. Customer data is stored in a state-of-the-art data center (SSAE 16 and DISA STIG compliant). That data is only accessible via secure, encrypted connections.

    The databases are on non-public networks behind firewalls using network address translation and address control lists. In addition, our intrusion monitoring and detection systems are constantly looking for anomalies in real-time. InfoArmor has security protocols enabling a limited number of professionals to access data on a “need to know” basis. All facilities employ the latest security measures as well as state-of-the-art surveillance and alarm systems. No data is stored onsite and no critical data is stored on computers outside of the secure data centers.

  • Do you provide a credit report to subscribers?

    We believe that credit is one component of your identity that should be periodically reviewed for accuracy as a check to ensure fraud has not occurred. Currently, we remind our subscribers to pull their free credit reports through three times a year to see a complete snapshot of their credit. This is a good complement to our more robust identity monitoring solution.

    Because we realize that credit is an important component to financial security, InfoArmor offers a free credit report each year, monthly credit scores, and continuous credit monitoring. Adding credit reports, scores, and monitoring will make the process of understanding and protecting your identity information even easier through InfoArmor’s one-stop shop portal.

  • Explain when you would place a fraud alert on members credit bureau files.?

    We will only recommend the use of fraud alerts if the member has a reason to believe that their identity has been compromised or our systems show that their identity is at a high risk of identity theft. We utilize proprietary technology to monitor your identity, we don’t simply place fraud alerts and hope it prevents fraud like some of our competitors.

  • Is there an age limit for children to enroll?

    There is no age limit for children to enroll. You can enroll your small infant children all the way through your older children (18+) off at college (or similar) or still living with you at home. There is no age requirement for InfoArmor’s PrivacyArmor program. Family or household members are considered any persons living under the same roof or under the same wallet, regardless of age.

  • What are my payment options?

    For your convenience, InfoArmor’s PrivacyArmor benefit is available via debit, credit and e-check.

  • How do I enroll?

    Simply click on the Enroll Now button to begin the enrollment process.

  • What communication should I expect from InfoArmor once my coverage is effective?

    You will receive the following communications from InfoArmor within 24 hours your benefit effective date.

    1. A “Welcome” email from InfoArmor using address – confirming receipt of the election and outlining how to access your online account for identity monitoring and access to Social Media Reputation Monitoring, CreditArmor, WalletArmor, Digital Identity report, IdentityMD and account profile.
    2. An email from the National Do Not Call Registry using address This email asks the individual to join their Registry as a preventative measure to reduce the exposure of your personal information, halting unwanted phone solicitations.
    3. Ongoing monthly emails from InfoArmor using address to communicate Identity Status.
      If no email is provided at time of enrollment, you will instead receive a onetime Welcome letter, sent to the home address provided.
  • How do thieves use the personal information they steal?

    Identity theft today happens for many reasons, and the goal is usually for some sort of financial gain. Many steal personal information from others to obtain a loan or open a new credit card or bank account. Others commit identity fraud to open up cell phone accounts or get access to utility and other services. Still others may use your identity to apply for jobs and gain employment, get access to health care benefits and other insurance products, or even to recover stolen money from your IRS return. Unfortunately, identity theft happens in many avenues and can impact nearly any aspect of your personal life.

InfoArmor’s PrivacyArmor benefit is available to United States citizens residing in the country. All ages are welcome and there is no age limit for children to enroll. (i.e., infants all the way through older children away at college or similar (18+) or still living at the home may be enrolled.) Family is defined as children, as well as any other individuals living under the same household. Individuals may enroll at any time.

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